To Vote or Not to Vote

Today’s to good not to share comes from Dr. Chas Rowland, Pastor of Bovina Baptist church in Vicksburg, Mississippi. In his recent blog post he addresses the issue of Christian responsibility and voting in the Presidential election. Dr. Rowland makes some very good points. I suggest going all the way to the end.


Purple Prayer

The color purple has taken on new significance in the last weeks of our culture. Since the death of Prince, we have seen this color memorialized in connection to this iconic pop star. I didn’t listen to Prince’s music in the ’80’s, but I am sad at the report of anyone’s death. We are entering a new era of pop culture, the death of our entertainment heroes. The recent passing of Prince has uncovered an overwhelming amount of media coverage and gatherings of people to pay tribute to Prince. I never realized how powerful Prince was in the music culture and how powerful his death affected so many people.

Prince’s death challenges me to question just how much I pray for iconic celebrities, for people who will never know my name. According to CNN, Prince was baptized as a Jehovah Witness in 2003 and was active in Bible studies and presentations in his local Kingdom Hall. I wonder if Prince was ever exposed to evangelicalism or baptist teachings growing up. I wonder who in Prince’s life prayed for him to come to the light of the Gospel of Truth?


Praying for celebrities may seem a little foreign to some. Most of our teachings on prayer comes from within the church and directed toward the church or our family. The idea of praying for a celebrity on television just does not seem like praying for real people. It is almost as if not even God could reach someone who is a celebrity. He can. He does, and we should pray for celebrities.


There is a crowd of celebrities that need prayer, your prayer. The media will make sure you know about their demise or death, when they experience a messy divorce or are caught in less than proud moments. Their life may be memorialized in every arena of our culture. But, who is praying for them?

There is a Country music artist that I have been praying for years. He does not know me or my prayers for his soul. I will never meet him or correspond with him, but my God is working on him even today. Just as he will never know me, I may never see the fruit of my praying until we are collected to our eternal home in heaven. If I do not pray, who will?

How do you pray for someone that may not want your prayers or their religion rejects your God and your prayers? Colossians 1:9 says, “And so, from the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding,” Celebrities need exactly the same thing the rest of us need, salvation from Christ and strength to walk in holiness before the Lord. 

I am praying for the day when we hear of the death of a celebrity and the lead story line is “This famous man died with a Bible in his hand, while driving home from church, after buying a homeless man Sunday lunch.” God let be said of me as well.

God has a message for you.

Northern-lights-HD-Photos-download-beautiful-high-definition-wallpaper-of-northern-lightsThe dancing lights of the far north have been well documented, studied, and vividly captured on camera. The “Great Northern Lights” display a show created by an eruption on the surface of the sun thousands of miles away. The display of colored dancing lights on the black sky of the north provides us a realization that there is a Creator Who is in control of the elements of our world.

Summer time in the south produces our own light show. As the atmosphere heats through the long days of summer the evening often produces afternoon thunderstorms accompanied by lightening that waltzes across the sky. A few days ago I was privileged to watch the “Great Southern Lights.” From my back door there was a theatre display of the power and majesty of God. The lightening was flashing and dancing in the sky. The clouds formed a dark blue and white silhouette for the light to bounce back and forth. I stood for a long time watching in awe at the performance before me.

The lightening storm churned miles away from me but directly above my porch was a crystal clear sky glittering with billions of stars. I was fascinated by the contrast of stars, clouds and the flashing of God’s lights. I felt like God had created this beautiful display just for me and my joy. However, it was not for me only. It was for Him. Atmospheric beauty, fall foliage, polar ice sculpture and a million other beauties happen in parts of the world where no human can see, only God. God will display His glory in the heavens and we see His power and authority displayed in the heavens. But the beauty we enjoy is enjoyed by God first and most. Genesis says that after creation God said it was good. I echo, “Amen! It is very good.” I enjoy seeing my God demonstrate His power and beauty to the world.

The creation and its entire splendor are not for our entertainment but for our spiritual enrichment. Creation is to direct the soul to the knowledge of a Divine Creator. The search to understand the Creator leads us to the Bible to know more. In the Bible we find that the earth is home to the human race and that entire race is separated from God. Only God could love such a sinful people to the point of death. The Creator came to live among His creation and to die at the hands of that creation to save the souls of those who believe.

God is calling for your attention. The display of the universe is to call you to acknowledgement that there is one true God and that One God is seeking you. Every display of God in creation is to walk you toward repentance of sins and faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. One glance into the heavens will lead you on a journey to make heaven you eternal home. Turn off the television and step out side. God has a message for you.

Let’s Start Here

In the beginning…. well you know the rest. All that we have and all that we are starts with a beginning. So this is my beginning, at least of blogging. I pray blogging is an enrichment of my soul and maybe some reader along the way.

You may want to know something about me. I am a husband to Renee’ and the father of Matt and Kayla. I am also the famous Poppy D to my four grandchildren. I am a preacher and the Pastor of Crystal Springs Baptist Church in Tylertown, Mississippi. I am slowly morphing into a combo of my Dad and my Grandfather.

Something else you need to know. I am a sinner and I hate it. I also am one of billions that has been overwhelmed by the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I am grateful beyond words for His salvation of my soul and the continuous grace to live this life.

My prayer as I start this blog journey is that I keep my writings from error and that I not embarrass my family and friends. This looks to be a big job.  Lord help me.

My plan is to address issues of the church, preaching, pastoring, and an occasional update on the joys of my life. So as with any journey we have to start somewhere, we may as well start here. Thanks for coming along. I hope you enjoy the ride, bumps and all.