Let’s Start Here

In the beginning…. well you know the rest. All that we have and all that we are starts with a beginning. So this is my beginning, at least of blogging. I pray blogging is an enrichment of my soul and maybe some reader along the way.

You may want to know something about me. I am a husband to Renee’ and the father of Matt and Kayla. I am also the famous Poppy D to my four grandchildren. I am a preacher and the Pastor of Crystal Springs Baptist Church in Tylertown, Mississippi. I am slowly morphing into a combo of my Dad and my Grandfather.

Something else you need to know. I am a sinner and I hate it. I also am one of billions that has been overwhelmed by the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I am grateful beyond words for His salvation of my soul and the continuous grace to live this life.

My prayer as I start this blog journey is that I keep my writings from error and that I not embarrass my family and friends. This looks to be a big job.  Lord help me.

My plan is to address issues of the church, preaching, pastoring, and an occasional update on the joys of my life. So as with any journey we have to start somewhere, we may as well start here. Thanks for coming along. I hope you enjoy the ride, bumps and all.


One thought on “Let’s Start Here

  1. I know and love this guy. He is no faker. He loves the Lord passionately. You will occasionally see grammar errors. I ask you, would a faker publish his errors on his blog – NO. This brother is the real deal. And I love him !
    – J. Dean Courtney


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