Learning From My Kids

It really is a joy to have children. But is is really cool when they become the adults you want to hang out with and even learn from. I am blessed to do this with both of our children/adults!

I want to share a blog from our daughter, Kayla, written for Lifeway Women. I had the opportunity to read the draft and sat in amazement at how wonderful it was. I am the Dad. I am supposed to be impressed. Well, others have been as well.

Hope you enjoy. Hope you learn.

The Power of Similarities: Leading Your Kids and Loving Your Bible


To Vote or Not to Vote

Today’s to good not to share comes from Dr. Chas Rowland, Pastor of Bovina Baptist church in Vicksburg, Mississippi. In his recent blog post he addresses the issue of Christian responsibility and voting in the Presidential election. Dr. Rowland makes some very good points. I suggest going all the way to the end.